Council Achievements

Cork board with the word GOALWhat Lori’s advocated for and took positions on

This past term has been an awesome learning experience, an opportunity to advance issues that are important to residents and to discover new areas to focus on.

Lori is proud of the issues that she has raised, her motions approved and discussions that she has started.

Issues/processes that Lori has advocated for and were approved by Council:

  • Participatory Budgeting – Read More
  • People with Disabilities Water and Property Tax Rebate Programs
  • Living Wage for City employees
  • Creation of Anti-Racism and Diversity & Inclusion Committees – Read More
  • Expression of Interest for the Chippawa Town Hall instead of selling the building – Read More
  • Increase the notification distance for rural planning matters
  • Investigate options to help alleviate the housing crisis – Read More
  • Naloxone being made available at City facilities – Read More
  • Requested Record of Site Condition be added to Condominium Agreement for the Fourth Avenue property beside Cyanamid
  • Requested Province/Region to review Homelessness funding allocation – Read More
  • Tree by-law, canopy and protection report – Read More
  • Vacancy Tax on vacant residential buildings report – Read More
  • Tiny homes, shipping containers, other forms of alternate housing, inclusionary zoning report – Read More

Issues/processes that Lori has advocated for:

  • Investigate alternative dispute resolution such as mediation as opposed to Integrity Commission Complaints
  • Homeless, Out of the Cold Shelter, funding, affordable housing, warming and cooling stations, transportation, showers
  • To add Council members to the Mayor’s Back to Business Committee – Read More
  • The Living Wage designation for the City of Niagara Falls as an employer
  • 5G services – health and lack of notification to residents
  • UNESCO Geopark designation – Read More
  • Supporting the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police call to decriminalize small amounts of drugs – Read More
  • Naloxone ready community and providing kits on fire trucks – Read More
  • Investigation of firework alternatives – Read More
  • Not Increasing the Integrity Commissioner Complaint fees – Read More
  • Investigate options to alleviate housing crisis – Read More

Some notable positions that Lori has taken a stance on:

  • For environmental and infrastructural reasons, opposed the development on River Road, Thundering Waters, old Cyanamid property on Fourth Avenue and numerous Chippawa properties
  • Opposed the removal of the Heritage designation and demolition of the former Parks and Recreation building on Lundy’s Lane – Read More
  • Led the Cannabis discussion to ensure protection of residents and compliance of federal and provincial laws
  • Opposed to the process of the Minister’s Zoning Order for Downtown for lack of transparency and notification to residents and businesses