Here is what people are saying about Lori!



“Councillor Lococo is a caring person and strong leader. When I was in housing crisis she was one of the few people who responded with empathetic concern. She offered a steady hand and encouragement in a difficult time. Her ability to connect with others for the purpose of empowering their lives will bring great benefit to the City of Niagara Falls.”



“To Whom it May Concern:

Lori Lococo is a dedicated Commissioner of the Niagara District Airport Commission.  She always comes prepared for meetings and asks thoughtful questions. Achievements while Lori has served on the Commission include: hiring our CEO; developing a master plan; undertaking an RFP process in search of a third-party operator; developing recommendations for a new governance model; developing a new rates and fees schedule; and engaging tourism partners to grow business. Lori also participated in identifying mitigation strategies for coping with the devastating impact of COVID-19.

As the Niagara Falls city council representative, Lori presented the airport Commission’s position on important issues such as our annual budget request and the RFP process for a third-party operator.

Lori clearly understands the role of a Commissioner and takes a special interest in ensuring our policies and practices are sound. I enjoy working with Lori and welcome the opportunity to elaborate on Lori’s abilities if required.”

Sincerely yours,
Robin Garrett
Chair, Niagara District Airport Commission


“To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as the Board Chair of Project Share for Lori Lococo as a recommendation for city councilor.

I highly recommend Lori for this position. Lori has been an active member of the Project Share Board of Directors since 2011. She joined first as a director and has more recently become our City Council Representative. During Lori’s time as a board member she has led our Governance Committee and strategic planning, assisted with fundraising events including the Coldest Night of the Year, represented Project Share within the community, and helped bring the issues of food security and homelessness to council as dedicated advocate.

Please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email listed here if you would like more information about Lori’s performance history with the board.”

Irma Sebastiano, Board Chair/Representative
Office: 289-296-1919, Cell: 905-321-9396
Email: irmasebastiano@outlook.com


“Since being appointed as the City representative to the Niagara Falls Public Library Board, Lori Lococo has been diligent in preparing for and attending meetings. Her attendance has been valued as she often has practical, thoughtful suggestions to enhance service or find solutions for challenges. Her commitment and dedication have assisted the Library in optimizing it’s resources to best serve the citizens of Niagara Falls.”

Anne Andres-Jones, Chair, Niagara Falls Public Library
John Anstruther, Vice Chair, Niagara Falls Public Library


“To Whom it May Concern,

I am thrilled to write this testimonial letter for Ms. Lori Lococo regarding the contributions she has made while on the Board of Directors of the Niagara Falls Art Gallery/Niagara Children’s Museum these past 4 years.

Lori has provided assistance in a number of Gallery initiatives including, but absolutely not limited to, amending and updating the ByLaws, sharing information about grants, recommendations on Succession Plans, upgrading Board responsibilities in addition to so many other things.

The dedication Lori has demonstrated towards the Niagara Falls Art Gallery during her tenure thus far has been amazing. Lori is always responsive to requests for assistance; has been the first to step up to take on the onerous tasks related to the future vision of the Gallery and has always gone above and beyond Board expectations.

Ms. Lococo’s assistance and preparedness for each task has resolved many of those issues, and we are grateful for all that that she has done for the Niagara Falls Art Gallery.”

Debra Attenborough, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Niagara Falls Art Gallery/Niagara Children’s Museum


“To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in regards to Lori Lococo and her involvement in our organization as an International Director and District 86 Governor.

Toastmasters International is the leading nonprofit organization in the world devoted to helping people improve their communication and leadership skills. The Board of Directors is an integral part of the governance team setting strategic direction for our organization.

Past International Director (2012-2014) and past District Governor (2008-2009), Lori Lococo, was one of our outstanding Directors/Governors. In this volunteer position, Lori demonstrated leadership and management skills which resulted in many people learning, growing, and achieving through the Toastmasters educational program. Being an International Director requires the ability to set meaningful goals for growth and education activities. It also requires a talent for planning and coordinating programs to reach and exceed established targets.

We are very proud that Lori has been able to lend her leadership talent to Toastmasters International and act as an ambassador to and for this great organization.”

Daniel Rex, Chief Executive Officer, Toastmasters International


“This is fabulous and I surely hope the people of Niagara Falls realize the quality person who is running in this election. When Lori Lococo was the District 86 Governor for Toastmasters International, I was fortunate enough to be her Lieutenant Governor of Marketing. It was an amazing year as I worked along side Lori and partook in many decision-making opportunities. She taught so many of us some very valuable lessons by way of leading by example.
Lori doesn’t make decisions lightly nor in isolation. She is very thorough in doing her due diligence and intentionally invites people into her sphere for their experiential insights. I witnessed first hand how she handled difficult situations with diplomacy and respect.

When Lori ran her campaign for International Director of Toastmasters, I was honoured to be her campaign manager. It was such a privilege to work with her again in such an important role. Her organizational ability and willingness to serve helped her reach out globally and touch the hearts and minds of the leaders of this organization. Lori not only won the election but the extremely high number of votes was astounding. I will never forget the synchronized gasp of thousands when they were posted. Lori Lococo is one person I am proud to call my friend. Our working relationship has ended – for now – but the friendship grows deeper day by day. Quality people such as Lori are priceless. People of Niagara Falls – you will find in Lori a strong leader, a person with relentless dedication and extreme integrity. Don’t miss this opportunity to vote in someone who will continually put the best interests of Niagara Falls – YOU – first!”

Merri Macartney – District 86 Governor – 2010/2011


“Lori Lococo is a great choice for a new Niagara.  I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Lori, in a volunteer capacity while we both served in District leadership for Toastmasters International.  One of Lori’s strengths was the ability to connect with our members at the grass roots level and to really listen and understand their concerns and needs.  Lori was then able to use this information in order to make informed decisions and to assist in improving service delivery for members.  I really enjoyed working with Lori, and found her to be extremely ethical, delivered on her commitments, and was a great networker and team builder.”

Janice Weir – District 60 Toastmasters Governor – 2008/2009


“I have had the pleasure of working with Lori in a volunteer capacity on multiple projects. I find that she has integrity, honesty and is hard working.  She demonstrates great character in all her actions.  Loris says what she is going to do and then she does it.  I have found that she never asks someone to do something that she is not willing to do herself and she can be found working the hardest and longest to accomplish her own and the team’s objectives.

I find Lori to be a great leader; she has ambition and she boldly moves forward to achieve her goals and the goals of the team.  She exhibits patience in dealing with others and while waiting for the right time to act.  She has humility and accepts the blame when things go wrong but shares the accolades with the team when things go well. She has vision, can articulate what she wants and cares about people. She plays by the rules and accepts that people are individuals and that they need to choose their own path. She shows courage and jumps right in and embraces new challenges. She is accountable and shows respect for others. Most of all, she has gratitude and looks for the positive in all situations.
I have no doubt that Lori Lococo will be a great asset to Niagara Falls when she shares her knowledge, skills and talents with the residents by becoming a City Councillor.”

David Wiebe – District 86 Sergeant At Arms – 2008/2009


Over the years I have found Lori to be an incredible leader, coach, mentor and guide.  I am in awe of her organization skills; her creative approach to solving problems; and her caring and dedicated team approach.  I know that Lori is someone you can count on in whatever endeavour she takes on.”

Charmaine Grace


“Lori is an amazing leader. She is logical yet heartfelt in her decisions.  Trustworthy and honest are her hallmarks. We are all better for serving with Lori.”

Pat Hannan – Toastmasters International Director 2012/2014


“Lori is always the best and the brightest. She is a role model.

Mike Barsul – Toastmasters International Director 2012/2014


“What a phenomenal LEADER you have in Lori Lococo!!!!!”

Margaret Sieh – District 62 Toastmasters Governor – 2010/2011


“Lori, in her role as International Director for Toastmasters International, has shown the solid leadership skills it takes to work with colleagues, make important decisions, and engage others in adopting new policies with insight and determination. She knows how to listen well, take initiative and work collaboratively on solutions that benefit all.”

Gretchen Smith, DTM